All good or all evil?

I was at a point in which I was struggling to move on from my current body of work. I then looked for inspiration, it was at the point I came across a plain white mask.


I wanted to look at this element of being self aware and ultimately the aspect of good and evil, and what traits of each are left deep in our conscientiousness. I seen the white mask as the good side so this left it up to me to search for the so called evil equivalent. I then came across another mask in an ink shop, this mask fascinated me. It helped me at a time where I was in need of some inspiration.


What particularly interested me was what physical features are regarded as evil. This mask reminded me of the villain from Spider man, the Green Goblin. The horns, big nose, and elongated pointed chin are very much devil like. The classic evil reflection in human form some would say.

I didn’t quite know how to move this forward so I decided to use painting to lead onto something more specific within my work. I was more struck visually by the evil mask and thought it was more interesting to paint, this resulted me me doing an oil study on canvas. I was using many layers to build upon. These layers being extremely thin and heavily diluted with white spirit. This painting was very much a piece for experimentation. I then focused on the colour black and I gave much of the painting a faded black wash. What I then wanted to do was layer upon this another portrait, this time the other mask, the other mask which I suggested signified good, or rather a blank surface or cover to use a better word. I haven’t yet finished this painting, and at this stage my tutor said it lacked energy and was quite bland but I quite liked this aspect however when the next layers are added it will naturally be injected with more energy.


Does colour make that much of a difference?


After painting this mask black it does contribute to it’s supposed evilness.

How about the ‘good’ mask painted black.


This definitely makes the mask seem more creepy.


This is the next stage of my painting. Here I have added the diluted layer of white acrlyic representing the ‘good’ mask. I do feel this painting is quite dull and I feel it does need another layer. However I feel it is achieved what I wanted it to, this relationship between the mask is strange, reminds of a battle, a battle that the evil side is winning.


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