Manipulating a population- Stanley Milgram influence

Another piece that inspired me at the Tate was the Soviet propaganda work.



Propaganda work is interesting to me right now in relation to society. I am interested in how easy humans can be lead or in reality mislead. Ultimately I want to explore the chains that society has on people throughout times, the most interesting times perhaps being the most testing of times. The artist I am currently looking at in line with this work is Gustav Klutsis. His work can be seen above. I want to examine the format of propaganda art in relation to the manipulation of a human population, which in the most part is a relatively straight forward and easy task, which is  a shocking aspect of human nature.

These resources examine an experiment conducted in 1962 by Stanley Milgram which tested the attitude of so called normal people when being commanded to inflict pain of a another human being in the form of an electric shock. The results showed that 65 percent of people were easily manipulated leading to the argument that there is a ‘Nazi in all of us,’ and that good people have a tendency to be bad when under pressure.  The question is how many of us who admit to this?


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