Studies of ‘Candelabra with Heads’

Here are some interpretations of this Hirschhorn piece I am currently influenced by.



There is a mysterious element I am intrigued by, the fact that much of the mannequins faces are covered up by this cheap parcel tape reminds me of an overpowering infection or disease. Here I was attempting to highlight this mysterious and deathly aspect to this piece. It could be said I am focusing on the overwhelming dark side.


Here I have been exploring with the idea of the subject(mannequin) being detached from heavy layering of parcel tape and the strange shape the sculpture forms. This suggestion of detachment in interesting to me, the theory that something can be taken out of it’s environment and survive in a completely different way. Furthermore this build up of tracing paper magnifies how the subject becomes a part of the environment/sculpture. The outer-layer overpowering the inner-layer is an aspect that appeals to me.



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