‘Candelabra with Heads’ by Thomas Hirschhorn

The piece that struck me the most in the Tate was ‘Candelabra with Heads’ (2006) by Thomas Hirschhorn. On first glance this piece suggested some sort of suffocating element to it, or for rather an absorbing aspect to use a better word.

‘Hirschhorn is known for his sculptures and installations made from everyday materials such as cardboard, plastics and paper, bound together with brown packing tape. This work was originally part of an exhibition called Concretions, a term from geology and medicine that suggests the gradual growth of a solid mass. Hirschhorn related the theme to a broader social and spiritual petrification. Here the faces of mannequins seem to be emerged from- or submerged into larger biomorphic forms.’




I admire this submerging quality that this piece has, in my eyes it represents a real struggle between different aspects of society, that’s what I want to achieve within my work going forward. I am interested in the way we all have a status to be molded into within society and very few of us breach this, the special ones of us perhaps. Power and authority having a disastrous effect.


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