Studies inspired by Dorothea Tanning piece ‘A Mi-Voix’

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These are studies in which I am focusing on the importance on the lines or rather the ‘veins’ as Tanning referred to them as.  Below I have experimented with the suggesting of creating a piece that ‘still has has colour in its veins.’ I feel like red is an interesting colour  to work with as it is reasonably transparent. However I feel the permanent marker doesn’t work, I shall produce a piece with highlighter.


Firstly this piece was created using a green highlighter to created a line drawing which would symbolise the ‘veins,’ I then layer the paper with a red ink which was heavily diluted with water. This layering faded the highlighter. The highlighter worked particularly well as it faded more then a pen, just the effect I wan trying to achieve.  I feel this piece has worked well, the red delicately covers the drawing to make to difficult to comprehend.



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