Bacon and his Studio Space

My first interest of the summer was the Francis Bacon studio reconstruction at the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.  Francis Bacon has always been my favourite artist, and this reconstruction gave me a deeper insight into a true artist and his environment.

“I can only paint here in my studio. I’ve had plenty of others, but I’ve been here for nearly thirty years now and it suits me very well. I cannot work in places that are too tidy. It’s much easier for me to paint in a place like this which is a mess. I don’t know why but it helps.”

This reconstruction of Bacon’s work place encouraged me to make my own depictions of this environment. After all this may be an exact replica but only the words and thoughts of Bacon can tell us the true extent of this studio; a space that clearly meant a great deal to his creative output. What also interests me is the feeling that this space creates such as wave of creation, the room is essentially a metaphor for Bacon’s artistic mind.


What interests me further is the power of an environment, how powerful is one’s environment?


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